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by D-bot & the Right-Dehz

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whiny songs about existentialism, boredom, death, and growing up.


released May 1, 2014

shouts out to Jesse for making this happen



all rights reserved


D-bot & the Right-Dehz Yakima, Washington

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Track Name: Chuck Wallis
when i was about 7eben i figured out that life is long and hard (that's what she said) and because of my selfishness you're no longer in my life i wish you were but until then i'll be here just waiting year after year and there are things, like change, that i can't stop i realize that now years late
Track Name: Circadian Rhythm
what say we go out and hate all the places we've been lately and what say we go out and get underneath their skin maybe i don't see a problem if i don't see a point in going to bed early for a job i don't see a problem if i don't see a point in waking up early for ajob that i don't want
Track Name: Pizza Boy Karma
i'm so sick of working but i don't work enough and i'd say you're sick of it but you're sick too much and i had a good feeling but now it's gone my room is a mess and my life is a joke knock-knock who's there? it's me and i'm broke i tried to grow up but it nearly made me throw up i am the band-aid that's floating in the pool you are the onion ring in my fries you're so cool a self-loathing know-it-all who doesn't know a thing on top of that i've got no swag and i'm hella lame and all of the other kids say i've got no game
Track Name: Carl Sweatshirt
i know i'm not that guy but you don't know me that well this hood on my sweatshirt won't hide me well enough from all those bad dreams and pictures that don't add up to much but a bad taste in my memory the ones that you always seem to be
Track Name: tfh?
i used to think you were pretty cool but you said some truly awful things last night and i don't think i wanna see you you can try to blame it on her and say that it was her fault for starting the fight but that doesn't justify the way that it came as natural as rain i don't think i can take you this way i used to think you were pretty cool now second thoughts and first thoughts on the end and i don't think i wanna see you even when she was calling you out on all the shit you said you just entrenched and made attempts to justify
Track Name: Pieces of Weather
take a chance take a nap wake up half-passed eight feeling sad feeling bad for yrself these days wish you were fine never mind wish the sun would shine then you find it's raining again
Track Name: In Case It Rains
we need a better place to go in case it rains but i think we just failed to make ends meet today when life's a game and you get sick of playing 'cause all you do is lose i just want you to see what the things you do do to me i look back on all i had and i kick myself and regret all the things i never did could have should have too bad
Track Name: Tear in my Beer
you're on the other side of town don't know how badly i want you around been thinking of times when we hung out before you said give me time to feel
Track Name: Some Sort of Time Machine
you stare at the clock but the hands don't turn back no they just keep ticking they only keep track of the time that you have to waste you stare out the window for hours and hours just hoping you'll see something you haven't before who needs you when you need someone? it's six in the morning and i'm still awake again i'm so alive but the house is dead
Track Name: Feeling All Morrissey
you write it off as just a fluke just a glimpse of the bad parts of you but after one time two times three times i'm losing count every time you open your mouth i think that things have changed but as soon as the words come out i cringe and i think you just need to know when to shut up i'm sick of leaving angry every time maybe i won't leave angry i really hope i won't leave angry i know i'll probably leave angry next time
Track Name: Christmas Lights
i walked myself to the corner store i didn't buy anything i just needed to leave the house lately i feel like i've needed more i haven't tried anything i think i just need to leave the house when your christmas lights in the yard don't look better than the next house over just try to remember that it all makes no difference to me when your business cards that you made don't look better than the next suit's over just try to remember that it all makes no difference to me
Track Name: Kill Time, Not Vibes
a lot of time on my hands a lot of germs on my hands a lot of guilt on my hands wait a sec i can't remember oh yeah it's next september that's when i don't go back to school just a few hours back go back a few years too there's a lot on my mind i guess there's a lot of you but now it's every night every night's a long night along with that night i'm killing time i kill all the time but i'm trying to give it a rest tonight
Track Name: Falling Stars and Waffle Cars
i couldn't be hypnotized but you'd always try i'd close my eyes for a while you'd never hesitate to always give all yr things away for a smile the falling stars, you're with them now and the waffle car stopped driving me around i'll miss those pots of coffee and those songs sang in that cold garage oh my god i just can't use the word gone i don't believe in ghosts but right about now i sure hope they exist i guess i've always felt it wasn't if but when but now this is it oh my god i'm using the word gone oh my god i just can't believe you're gone